Dellner Dampers signs a new contract with SJ Stockholmståg AB

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Dellner Dampers has supplied various types of dampers for Alstom X60 since the commuter train was launched in 2005. The dampers prevent movements between the coaches in all directions, so-called yaw, pitch, and roll. After a certain period, Dellner Dampers refurbished all dampers as part of a periodic overhaul.  Dellner Dampers is pleased to announce that we recently signed a new contract with SJ Stockholmståg AB. We have started with a refurbishment program of approximately 1500 dampers. They will get a comprehensive renovation … Read More

Customized dampers for Storebæltsbroen

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We are proud to announce that the Danish Storebæltsbroen is further going to be equipped with our customized Type 80 HD bridge dampers on the eight longest hangers. This showcases the importance and benefits our dampers have for stabilizing the cables, no matter being a stay cable bridge or as in this case a suspension bridge design. – The dampers will prolong the lifetime of the cables by reducing or eliminating the cable oscillation, but also serve for improved wildlife wellness … Read More

IRIS revisionen 2024

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• Dellner Dampers has managed the IRIS audit with very good result • In week 4 of 2024, our organization was approved again by Bureau Veritas • We succeed the surveillance audit without any deviation, only some improvement suggestions • Dellner is very proud on our stable main processes and mature organization • We move forward with high and unchanged focus on quality and sustainability

The STRUCPRO damper certified according to EN 15129:2009: “An important step to grow our scalable platform of seismic dampers”


The first damper in the STRUCPRO platform of seismic dampers was launched in 2021. The Damper was put through rigorous testing and simulation to ensure it can perform during extreme workloads caused by a seismic event. Now we have received the official certificate of constancy of performance that shows that the product is meeting the demands according to the standard EN 15129:2009. This is mandatory for any product offered within the EU, but is also requested from customers from the … Read More

Dellner Dampers prevents costly delay at new landmark lift bridge Hisingsbron in Gothenburg.

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6 april 2021 Dellner Dampers has recently delivered dampers to the new landmark lift bridge Hisingsbron in Gothenburg. Design, production and delivery took place at record speed making it possible to go through with railroad track construction and diversion of trams this summer rather than in 2022. A few weeks before Christmas, the engineering company Tikab contacted Dellner Dampers. They had a problem with a bridge that could not be closed properly and wanted a solution that could hold the … Read More

Dellner Dampers receives new order of crash buffers to Light Rail Vehicles by Skoda Transtech

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29 June 2021 The Crown bridges project in Helsinki, Finland, is a massive urban development undertaking. Three new bridges will connect the Island of Laajasalo with the city center and tens of thousands of new homes will be built. To make sustainable travel an attractive option the construction of a 10 km new tramline will soon be underway. We are happy to announce that Dellner Dampers will provide Škoda Transtech with crash buffers to the 23 new ForCity Smart Artic X54 trams that will … Read More

Dellner Dampers launches STRUCPRO: A new generation seismic dampers for structural protection of bridges and other structures.


Demand for seismic protection for bridges and other structures are getting higher globally. Urbanization and advancement in engineering are driving forces for more infrastructure to be built in high-risk areas for earthquakes. With the launch of STRUCPRO we now offer a high-performance option to secure critical infrastructure worldwide. In combination with our existing vibration dampers for stay cable bridges we now offer a more complete range of dampers for the international bridge market. Because of their efficiency to absorb and … Read More

Dellner Dampers has received an additional order from Alstom for dampers and buffers to the Toronto streetcar system


The growing city of Toronto is the most populous city in Canada. The city has set ambitious targets to become one of the most environmentally sustainable cities in the world. To meet those targets as well as ridership demands, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is continuing to build an attractive transit system based on the Flexity platform. – Dellner Dampers has been the supplier of dampers and buffers to the Toronto streetcars since 2011 and we are proud to once again … Read More