Longer lasting dampers and buffers 

Dampers and buffers work hard during their lifetime, so it’s a good idea to get their performance checked, especially after several years of use.

Many of our dampers and buffers have been designed so they can be overhauled and upgraded to extend their life even further. They can also be updated if new and more effective parts become available.

Our team of refurbishment experts will perform a functional test to see what needs to be done to bring your dampers and buffers back to their original performance. Using the latest technology in our state-of-the-art facility, they’ll then undertake the work to your exact specifications and to meet your deadlines.

Our refurbishment and overhaul service includes:

  • Repair
  • Overhaul
  • Renovation
  • Upgrading
  • Replacement

We also offer a refurbishment and overhaul service for other brands of damper and buffer, so if you’d like a quote for any of our services, please get in touch.

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