Dampers, buffers and mounts

We offer a range of standardised dampers, buffers and mounts that are high precision, reliable and hard wearing for an extended product lifetime. Our standardised range of dampers and buffers can be adapted to meet customers’ exact specifications. We can also supply customers with a compact damper test machine to verify damper forces within specified tolerance levels.

Our rolling stock products include:

  • Primary and secondary suspension dampers
  • Inter-car dampers
  • Yaw dampers
  • Secondary coupler dampers
  • Displacement sensitive dampers
  • Hydraulic buffers

Hydraulic railway dampers

Type 45

Piston diameter: 45mm
Fmax 12 kN

Bogies for light rail and metro primary, vertical and lateral damping

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Type 62

Piston diameter: 62mm
Fmax 15 kN

Primary, vertical and lateral damping for bogies; yaw and inter-car damping

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Type 80

Piston diameter: 80mm
Fmax 50 kN

Yaw and inter-car damping

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Each Dellner damper can be fitted with different mounts, including spherical rubber bushings and steel-teflon ball bearings.


Hydraulic railway buffers

Type 100

Fmax 100 kN

Type 400

Fmax 400 kN

Type 800

Fmax 800 kN

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