Dellner Dampers launches STRUCPRO: A new generation seismic dampers for structural protection of bridges and other structures.

1 December 2021

Demands for seismic protection for bridges and other structures are getting higher globally as urbanization and advancement in technology are driving forces for more infrastructure to be built in high-risk areas for earthquakes. With the launch of STRUCPRO we now offer a high-performance option to secure critical infrastructure worldwide. In combination with our existing vibration dampers for stay cable bridges we now offer a more complete range of dampers for the international bridge market.

Because of their efficiency to absorb and dissipate high amounts of energy the use of hydraulic dampers is an increasingly popular way to protect bridges and other structures from earthquakes. With the launch of STRUCPRO, it has become even easier to use this reliable and life saving technology as its compact size makes it easy to integrate in the structural design. Both in new construction projects or retrofit old ones. In the case of an earthquake the goal is to keep the operability of the structure, allowing easier access to affected areas for rescue missions and aid delivery.

Magnus Lizell is Research & Development manager at Dellner Dampers:
– When we started the development of the STRUCPRO platform three years ago, we asked ourselves: if this is going to be a new generation seismic damper, what do we need to achieve? We concluded that it needed to be more compact, lighter and yet have the same performance as other comparable options on the market, something we believe we have accomplished, says Magnus Lizell.

Bridges are not a new application area to us. We have a growing portfolio of successful bridge projects, with vibration dampers installed on more than fifty stay cable bridges worldwide – including two of the world’s longest. That being said, the construction of a seismic damper was a new challenge.

So the engineering team behind STRUCPRO set to work and soon realized they could utilize design principles from their long experience in the rail and offshore power grid sectors – where the combination of performance, durability and compact design is vital.

– In the design of the STRUCPRO we have focused not only on performance but also to achieve a compact design and low weight to make it easier to handle, says Magnus Lizell.

The decision to use only high strength steel of the highest quality is a well-considered choice. The damper is expected to sit on the structure without the need for intense maintenance for more than fifty years – and be ready at any time in case of an earthquake.

– The damper has undergone rigorous testing and simulation to ensure it can perform during extreme workloads caused by a seismic event. When put under pressure, the oil flow in the damper is the same as on the most extreme place on earth, the bottom of the Mariana trench. Therefore we choose to produce it in Sweden from materials of the highest quality, says Magnus Lizell.

Welcome to discover the STRUCPRO damper series. Contact Sales Manager Mikael Sund below for a presentation of our offer.

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