Highest quality, highest performance

Quality controlled and thoroughly tested

All our damper and buffer products are hard wearing and reliable to give you the peace of mind that they’ll perform even in the harshest environments. You can trust Dellner Dampers products because every unit and system we develop is thoroughly tested – not just by ourselves, but also by our external partners.

Our products are guaranteed to meet your exacting demands over their extensive lifetime. They’re designed to withstand fatigue, corrosion, extreme temperatures and anything else the elements can throw at them. Each product undergoes extensive functional testing to make sure it’s 100% flawless, and that the damping force is met within specified tolerance levels, before you take delivery.

Dellner Dampers is certified according to ISO 9001 and IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard – ISO/TS 22163:2017), the new global standard for quality management systems in the railway sector.

Safety first

Dellner Dampers products are not just designed to keep systems and structures performing flawlessly, they’re also designed to keep people safe. Without our dampers, engineering projects like bridges would be liable to fatigue, which could endanger lives.

With 50 years’ experience in the railway and industrial sectors, we know that safety is paramount and all our products are subject to strict regulations and rigorous standards. In addition to the ISO 9001 and IRIS standards, we are also certified for welding according to EN 15085-2 Level CL1 (the railway industry standard for welding), which also meets the requirements in EN-ISO 3834-2.