Our dampers produce equal damping forces in both directions (compression and expansion) and are typically built around three basic designs − the Type 45, Type 62 and Type 80. This way, we can create customised, cost effective solutions for our clients.

In these twin tube, hydraulic, telescopic dampers, the required damping force is generated by viscous losses when oil is forced through a calibrated flow restriction. The inner cylinder contains only oil while the reservoir between the housing and the cylinder contains oil and air. Both ends of the damper are equipped with a spherical or pin bearing.

Our standard range

Type 45 (small)

  • Fmax 12 kN
  • Damping characteristic
    C = 5–120 kN/m/s
    With blow off C = 20–250 kN/m/s

Applications: Bridges, mining

Type 62 (medium)

  • Fmax 30 kN 

  • Damping characteristic
    C = 5–300 kN/m/s

    With blow off C = 20–4,000 kN/m/s

Type 62 heavy duty
Equipped with a larger
diameter piston to give:

  • Fmax 45 kN
  • Damping characteristic
    C = 5–450 kN/m/s

    With blow off C = 20–8,000 kN/m/s

Bridges, mining, materials handling

Type 80 (large)

  • Fmax 55 kN
  • Damping characteristic
    C = 10–550 kN/m/s

    With blow off C = 10–10,000 kN/m/s

Type 80 heavy duty
Equipped with a larger
diameter piston to give:

  • Fmax 100 kN
  • Damping characteristic
    C = 10–1,000 kN/m/s

    With blow off C = 10–10,000 kN/m/s

Applications: Bridges, mining



Our standard damper design has a hardened steel piston rod with chrome plating, but you can choose from a range of options including:

  • A different plating such as NiCr, stainless steel or, for increased corrosion protection, Cr-plating
  • Adjustable stroke lengths
  • Stainless steel piston rods
  • Different types of bearing
  • With or without a dust cover
  • Any colour paint - just give us your RAL number or Pantone reference!
  • Different paint finishes to suit your needs, from standard indoor use to the very harshest conditions such as EN ISO 12944 C5M for sea environments.

Non-linear and seismic dampers

At Dellner Dampers, we are always developing new and exciting solutions to meet our customers' demands. All of our dampers can be offered with non-linear damping characteristics (e.g. α=0,1). Today we can offed non-linear dampers up to about 200 kN and this range is continuously expanding.

Just give us a call to discuss your needs.