Dellner Dampers receives new order of crash buffers to Light Rail Vehicles by Skoda Transtech

Linnea AnderssonNews

29 June 2021

The Crown bridges project in Helsinki, Finland, is a massive urban development undertaking. Three new bridges will connect the Island of Laajasalo with the city center and tens of thousands of new homes will be built. To make sustainable travel an attractive option the construction of a 10 km new tramline will soon be underway. We are happy to announce that Dellner Dampers will provide Škoda Transtech with crash buffers to the 23 new ForCity Smart Artic X54 trams that will service the route by operator HKL – HST – Helsinki City Transport In case of an accident, these customized buffers will take up energy from the collision – protecting lives and reduce damage to the vehicle.

These LRVs will be identical to the 29 previously ordered for the Raide-Jokeri orbital light rail Route 550, under construction between Helsinki and Espoo.

Helsinki has previously 70 type X34 trams (the forerunner of the X54), and the latest order will take the number to 122 Artic trams in this area. A further 19 trams are currently being supplied to Tampere.

Being the supplier of Energy Absorption elements since 2012 for Jokeri, Tampere, and the Arctic projects we are glad to keep our excellent relationship with Skoda Transtech.

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