The STRUCPRO damper certified according to EN 15129:2009: “An important step to grow our scalable platform of seismic dampers”


The first damper in the STRUCPRO platform of seismic dampers was launched in 2021. The Damper was put through rigorous testing and simulation to ensure it can perform during extreme workloads caused by a seismic event. Now we have received the official certificate of constancy of performance that shows that the product is meeting the demands according to the standard EN 15129:2009. This is mandatory for any product offered within the EU, but is also requested from customers from the rest of the world, where seismic protection is important to save lives and protect critical infrastructure.

Håkan Persson, CEO of Dellner Dampers, together with the Quality assurance team have been working hard the last couple of years. A lot of effort has gone into ensuring that all processes are flawless and predictable, to make the time to market as quick as possible.

– The last couple of years we have added a number of new products to our different modular platforms of dampers, both in the rail-, power grid- and bridge segments. To get our products verified by independent third party bodies is an important and mandatory step to build trust in our products.

The STRUCPRO seismic damper will have a lifetime of fifty years, something that is accomplished by using high strength steel. Something that also has other benefits.

– By using high strength steel, we have managed to reduce both the size and weight of the damper, making it very attractive compared to what is currently offered in this segment. This is a new design principle, which we now will incorporate in the upcoming sizes of the STRUCPRO family. Both smaller and bigger sizes are underway, so getting the first one certified shows that our focus on quality has paid of, says Håkan Persson.

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Mikael Sund, Sales Manager
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