Dellner Dampers prevents costly delay at new landmark lift bridge Hisingsbron in Gothenburg.

Linnea AnderssonNews

6 april 2021

Dellner Dampers has recently delivered dampers to the new landmark lift bridge Hisingsbron in Gothenburg. Design, production and delivery took place at record speed making it possible to go through with railroad track construction and diversion of trams this summer rather than in 2022.

A few weeks before Christmas, the engineering company Tikab contacted Dellner Dampers. They had a problem with a bridge that could not be closed properly and wanted a solution that could hold the lift span for 30 seconds. Normally, Dellner Dampers has a delivery time of 12–14 weeks from order to delivery. Here, the requirement was to deliver in six weeks. The whole project faced delays of up to a year if a solution couldn’t be found. A delay of that magnitude in a major city like Gothenburg would have cost huge sums for the city.

– We are used to work with special applications. Almost all our dampers are customized to a specific purpose. In this case, the dampers will be used to hold the bridge deck for 30 seconds when it is lowered after boats have passed underneath it, allowing the bridge’s lock pistons to lock into their final position, says Mikael Sund, Sales Manager, business area bridges, at Dellner Dampers.

Time was very tight from order to delivery, but Dellner Dampers chose to rise to the challenge. Under the supervision of CEO Håkan Persson they created a special Fast track unit dedicated to the project.

– We are very pleased that we were able to deliver in time, given the short time of six weeks from order to production and delivery. It is satisfying to contribute to a large infrastructure project in a major city like Gothenburg. This is a project that will create many benefits when it comes to urban development, says Mikael Sund.

The order, placed by the Gothenburg Urban Transport Administration as the original customer, was something out of the ordinary. It placed high demands on fast and, not the least, quality-assured production and delivery.

– The buffers were an important part of the puzzle to solve the problems we had with the lift span. With the buffers in place the project will proceed as planned, making it possible to lay the tram tracks and reroute the tramlines from the old bridge by the end of the summer, instead of next year, says Mikael Nummedal, Project Manager for Hisingsbron at Gothenburg Urban Transport Administration.

As with all new products Dellner Dampers carried out a First Article Inspection (FAI) to assure that the products specifications corresponded to the requirements of the design.

– It is a unique product where we combine an overflow valve with what we call a buffer. It wasn’t something we could get from our existing stock, but with our expertise in customization we came up with a solution., says Mikael Sund.


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Mikael Sund, Sales Manager, business area Bridges at Dellner Dampers

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