Our products are mainly used on the rolling stock but our products are also used in many industrial areas such as military and construction vehicles, harbor cranes and spreaders, bridges, windmills, car safety test rigs and many other.

Whenever total operational precision and uncompromising endurance is the prime concern, Dellner Dampers AB is your reliable partner for the job.

We deliver a huge range of damper type towards to most important and well-known car and coachbuilders in the world.

We are preferred supplier for companies like Bombardier, Stadler, Siemens and CAF. A lot of the business is also done over maintenance companies and agents.

One of our strength is the total overhaul of dampers and buffers. Our service network spreads over Europe and huge parts of the world. 

We can also supply hydraulic buffers for crash protection for trains.

Please find below a list of the main applications where our hydraulic dampers and hydraulic buffers can be applied.

  • Railway
  • Container spreaders
  • Bridges
  • Materials handlings systems
  • Special Vehicles like mining etc
  • Wind power mills
  • Construction Equipment
  • Off- Shore
  • Structural Engineering like buildings or football stadiums

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