We offer solutions to solve the problems with vibrations that can occur in bridges due to traffic load, wind and rain and seismic events. We are a world leading company in this area and we have supplied damper solutions for many of the major bridges in world.

Material Handling

We offer damper and buffer solutions to both container spreaders and different types of cranes – Ship To Shore, Rail Mounted Gantry & Process cranes.  In the spreaders our dampers act as protection of the hydraulic system and noise reduction. For cranes our HYBUFF buffers add safety by protecting the structure and operators when involuntary impacts occur.


We are supplying dampers for mining trucks and other mining equipment. Our HYBUFF buffers can be used in for impact protection on Stackers and Reach Stackers.


You can find our vibrations solutions in wind turbines. We are taking part in finding solutions for energy absorption for wave turbines and handling the vibrations in piping structures on offshore oil platforms.


All the fields we are operating in can be supported by our engineering team that will do 100% customised design if necessary to solve your problem and for complex problems we can do simulation work for you.


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