This our smallest damper with a maximum damping force of 12 kN. Producing equal damping forces in both directions, compression and expansion. Standard design is typical with chrome plated piston rod of hardened steel. We can offer other type of plating’s if needed e.g. NiCr or stainless steel with Cr-plating for increased corrosion protection.

  • Max damping force 12 kN
  • Damping characteristics 5 to 120 kN/m/s
  • Damping characteristics with blow off 20-250 kN/m/s


  • Damper characteristics
  • Adjustable stroke lengths
  • Materials e. g. piston rods in either 
    hardened or stainless steel
  • Delivered with or without dust cover
  • Type of bearings
  • Colour – Just give as your RAL No.

Corrosion Protection

We deliver the corrosion protection that will meet your demand. The damper painting can be anything from standard indoor use up to the highest demands such as EN ISO 12944 C5M for sea environment.


  • Bridge
  • Mining

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