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Our product offer includes a wide range of standardized solutions, made with high precision to ensure long-life sustainable product performance.


In addition we develop for many industrial markets hydraulic shock absorbers and hydraulic buffers and we can supply a mechanical testing machine which can test railway dampers.


Read more under Damper test device.

Products for rolling stock includes:


  • Primary and secondary suspension dampers
  • Inter-car dampers
  • Yaw dampers
  • Secondary coupler dampers
  • Displacement sensitive dampers
  • Hydraulic buffers

Hydraulic railway dampers

Dellner Dampers AB has developed 3 damper types for Railway applications

  1. Railway damper 45 series (piston diameter 45 mm) suitable for light rail and metro applications with a maximum force of 12 kN.
  2. Railway damper 62 series (piston diameter 62 mm) suitable for primary, vertical, lateral, yaw and inter car damper with a maximum damping force of 15 kN.
  3. Railway damper 80 series (piston diameter 80 mm) suitable for yaw and inter car dampers with a maximum force of 50 kN.

Type of mounts

The Dellner damper can be fitted with various types of mounts, i.e. spherical rubber bushings and steel-teflon ball bearings.

Hydraulic buffers

Dellner Dampers AB has developed 3 hydraulic buffers types for Railway applications.


  1. Hydraulic Buffer type 100 series with a maximum force of 100 kN.
  2. Hydraulic Buffer type 400 series with a maximum force of 400 kN.
  3. Hydraulic Buffer type 800 series with a maximum force of 800 kN.


All our hydraulic dampers and hydraulic buffers are made according to the specification of the customer.