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HYBUFF – G-series

HYBUFF is our more standardised buffer products developed in order to be able to supply you with cost efficient solutions to your energy absorption needs.


We can offer a wide range of buffers from our HYBUFF
G-series, where the G stand for Gas hydraulic buffers.

The HYBUFF G-series is developed for applications where an energy stop device is needed. The robust design gives good stiffness suitable for higher forces. It has a cylinder with oil and hollow piston rod containing the reservoir.


The hollow rod contains a floating piston, separating oil and gas. The damping force is achieved by a flow restriction regulated by the metering pin. The metering pin at the centre of the buffer regulates the flow area to be more restricted when the buffer is being compressed.


  • HYBUFF G-series Type 63, Fmax 200 kN,
    stroke lengths 50-400 mm
  • HYBUFF G-series Type 80, Fmax 300 kN,
    stroke lengths 50-600 mm
  • HYBUFF G-series Type 90, Fmax 500 kN,
    stroke lengths 100-800 mm
  • HYBUFF G-series Type 120, Fmax 700 kN,
    stroke lengths 200-600 mm
  • HYBUFF G-series Type 220, Fmax 700 kN,
    stroke lengths 800-1200 mm


Good enough as a standard  – Limited options

We used to demanding customers so our HYBUFF standard are often other suppliers options. Without you specifying any specific you will get buffer with optimum corrosion protection.

The standard for our HYBUFF G-series is:

  • Paint according to your demands up to ISO EN 12944 C5M (which is for sea environment)
  • Ni-compound treated plunger
  • End cap in stainless steel
  • Front or Back mount


The only options we offer to you is bellow and safety chain.


Long lasting dampers & buffers
– Refurbishment an option

After years of using you might want to have the performance of your HYBUFF buffers to be checked and see if it needs to be refurbished. Most of our products are possible to refurbish. Our Quality Technicians are always ready to do a functional test and recommend what might need to be refurbished to bring your HYBUFF buffer back to the original performance. Just send an inquiry and we will make a quotation.