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Most of our damper designs is based on three different platforms the Type 45, Type 62 and Type 80. This gives us the opportunity to be cost efficient in the design of a customised solution.


  • Type 45 – Fmax 12 kN
  • Type 62 – Fmax 30 kN
  • Type 62 Heavy Duty – Fmax 45 kN
  • Type 80 – Fmax 55 kN
  • Type 80 Heavy Duty – Fmax 100 kN


HYBUFF – Dellner dampers buffer series. We can offer a wide range of buffers from our HYBUFF G-series. Our HYBUFF series are utilising a more standardised product design, which enable us to supply you with cost efficient solutions to your energy absorption needs.


  • HYBUFF G-series, Fmax 200 to 700 kN
  • HYBUFF Customized, Fmax 1500 kN

Out of the “box” thinking - to make a solution to
your problem

Our design types for both dampers and buffers should not be understood as our limitation of our capability – If you need a solution that doesn´t fit in the “box”. Don´t worry - We are always prepared to think out of the box.


If you don´t find what you are looking for just click on “My wish list” and describe your problem or needs and we will contact you.

Long lasting buffers – Refurbishment an option

After years of using you might want to have the performance of your dampers/buffers to be checked and see if it needs to be refurbished. Most of our products are possible to refurbish.


Our Quality Technicians are always ready to do a functional test and recommend what might need to be refurbished to bring your damper or buffer back to the original performance. Just send an inquiry and we will make a quotation.

Simulation / engineering

All the fields we are operating in can be supported by our engineering team that will do 100% customised design if necessary to solve your problem and for complex problems we can do simulation work for you.

Our capabilities covers design of passive dampers and active dampers. We can engineer customised buffers up to 1500 kN.


  • Active dampers
  • Passive dampers
  • Buffers up to 1500 kN